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Magnetic Nano Bacteria

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  • This is nano bacteria technology that uses magnetic properties to transmit drugs to cancer cells.

  • It shows innovative rate of drug delivery compared to conventional nano-carrier.

  • ​It has great potential for cancer treatment and can be effective. It can reduce the input of drugs, especially since it does not damage healthy tissues or organs.

Application Area


Product information

This is a magnetic-based bacteria that deliver drugs to cancer cells. Basically, the tumor site has a low oxygen concentration because the tumor consumers a lot of oxygen when multiplied. These magnetic bacteria have a biological characteristic of moving to places with low oxygen content.

So it automatically moves into the tumor zone and passes the drug on.


The drug delivery efficiency of traditional nano-carrying drugs is 2%, whereas magnetic bacteria have a drug delivery effect of 55%. The momentum of the bacteria is enough to carry drugs deep inside.


(a) Magnetic Bacteria

(b) Magnetosome Chain

(c) Individual Magnetosome

In particular, navigation systems prefer low-oxygen-concentration regions, so they do not deliver drugs to other healthy body tissues. This dramatically reduces the risk of cancer drugs by reducing the amount of drug intake without putting healthy tissues or organs at risk.

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