Magnetic Ink for MICR


  • Magnetic ink is used for bank checks, payments, and remittance documents, and is specialized for printing security purposes.

  • Eco-friendly, accurate text printing is possible in large quantities and is compatible with paper and non-paper materials.

Application Area

MICR, bank checks, payment documents, remittance documents, security documents, bar code and pattern scanning

​Product information

Years of manufacturing experience have been optimized for printing security objectives in many countries, including the United States, Britain, Australia and India.

90 % of magnetic ink targets production of bank checks, payments and remittance documents.

The magnetic material particles in the ink are being accurately sized to accord with criteria of each country.

** Magnetic Ink is printed on the MG(Magnetic Ink) and UV.

  • Fast drying time makes UV drying easy and waterless drying.

  • Special ink with abundant optical density and high intensity against light and water.

  • It is possible ultra-small prints accurately and reliably (without stirring).

  • ​Compatible with a wide variety of paper and non-paper materials.


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