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Magnetic elastomer ink
for manufacture Seat Foam Pad

Seat Foam Pad1

Existing process


When producing seat foam pads for vehicles, attach nonwoven fabrics inside the mold frame. And Velcro or rubber cropping was used to place the nonwoven fabric inside.

In this existing process, the adhesion to Velcro decreases due to repetitive work. As a result, work accuracy decreases, and defective products occur.

Velcro adhesion is reduced by repetitive operation.
Reducing the accuracy.
Defective product occurred.

Magnetic elastomer ink

It is a technology that attaches to areas that require adhesion using magnetism. By applying magnetic elastomer ink and attaching it to the magnet, it can be attached wherever you want without using adhesives or velcro. Initial costs are incurred, but production yields are increased and costs are reduced by reducing defective products. Crack and dust do not occur even when folded 360 degrees as shown in the video below. The adsorption power can be adjusted, and the existing mold frame can be used as it is. You only need to tap the existing mold frame and assemble the screw magnets

Application of Magnetic Elastomer Ink
Application of Magnetic Elastomer Ink2

Fix the magnet on the red dot instead of Velcro on the back.

Print magnetic elastomer ink the same as the position of the magnet on the sheet foam nonwoven fabric.

Depending on the magnetism, the nonwoven fabric is located in the correct place.





Examples of magnetic elastomer ink printing (non-woven fabric)



It's easy for unskilled people to work


Significant decline in defect rate


Significantly increased productivity

Surface absorption test

Crack and dust generation test

Magnetic Elastamer Ink

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MEI specification

​​How to use

  • Stirring     It requires enough stirring before using the product.

  • Dry           In order to achieve good performance of the coating film, it must be dried under appropriate conditions.

  • Surface treatment    clean without foreign substances, oil, or moisture



  • Avoid approaching firearms.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store it in a cool place (at the top of the inlet).

  • Keep the remaining amount in the same way.

Estimated consumption

In the case of dot Ø25mm

Based on magnetic elastomer ink 1kg - 5,000 dot printing

​Based on 1 vehicle, use about 100 dots in the front and rear seats

It can print 50 vehicle per 1kg

Seat Foam Pad

Sheet cushion nonwoven fabric

Magnetic elastomer ink Ø25mm

1. The production yield increases and the cost decreases due to the decrease in defective products.
2. As you can see in the video, our ink doesn't crack even if we fold it 360 degrees.
3. As you can see in the video, the magnetic metal powder doesn't come off even if we rub against each other.
4. When filling a foam pad and applying high pressure during molding, the nonwoven fabric is damaged due to the difference

    in hardness between the Ink-coated and uncoated areas. However, our products are elastic and flexible, so there is no

    damage problem.
5. You can control your adsorption.
6. Existing molds can be used as they are. All you have to do is tap the existing mold and fasten the threaded magnet.  We can

    supply magnets, too.
7. The sedimentation speed of the metal powder is significantly slow, so you just need to stir it once for the first time use.

Download the catalog below for more information

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