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Mag-oil for Daiwa MAGSEALED reel repair

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How to repair Mag-oil into DAIWA Magsealed reel series

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  • Fishing reel applied magnetic fluid forms a circular waterproof membrane inside. This waterproof membrane prevents the inflow of seawater.

  • Prevent corrosion by preventing penetration of seawater and rivers, thereby increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

DAIWA company's MAGSEALED reel explanation & promotion Youtube link :

Application Area

All Daiwa MAGSEALED reel series available

Performance and Principles

Trait and Advantage

The most important part of the waterproofing of the reel is to protect the ball bearings in the pinion gear. Seawater can cause salt deposits in the ball bearings or make rust easily 


This area forms a membrane with a magnetic fluid to prevent the failure of the reel by blocking seawater that can enter the ball bearing.

This eliminates the defect of heavy rotations in rubber parking and maintains light friction and water resistance

Magnetic fluid waterproof membrane principle

If you close the magnet a little by little, the magnetic fluid will pull together and approach each other.

More closer magnet to it, the magnetic fluid is integrated and blocks up and down.

Water is cut off by the layer of fluid.

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