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Ferrofluid for Gas & Dust Sealing

ferrofluid feedthrough
ferrofluid feedthrough2
  • For Corrosive Gas

      carrier fluid: Perfluore Polyether  [PFPE]

Ferrofluid for corrosive gas spec
  • For Non-Corrosive Gas

      carrier fluid: MFH Series - Silicon, MFH Series - Hydrocarbon

Ferrofluid for non-corrosive gas spec

*Vapor pressure is the value of Pure base oil used.
*Use at temperatures below the Weight loss start Temp
*Actual operating temperature varies depending on conditions such as temperature applied to the ferrofluid, RPM, shaft diameter, and operating time.
Please determine the operating temperature considering the above conditions.
*Besides the above products, we can make custom orders 

  • Grease Type

      For Non-Corrosive Gas&Dust Sealing + Lubrication

grease type spec
Ferrofluid & feedthrough application

Download the catalog below for more information

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