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Ferrofluid display for educational and kidult toy

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Life span(durability & chemical reaction)

When manufacturing with our package, there is no shape change, chemical reaction & evaporation.

500rpm 1,000 hours durability test

Shape change test after 1,000 hours test

Click on the picture or link to go to the YouTube channel.

About container

We have a lot of inquiries about containers. Therefore, we write our opinions below.
Only glass containers are available. All containers of other materials were stained as a result of our experiment.

For reference, the less the glass surface roughness (illuminance) makes less stain occur.
However, if the glass has good illumination, the price is high. Please make a comprehensive judgment and choose.

* We do not provide glass containers.

Manufacturing process

  1. Prepare container

  2. Pour the etching agent into the container.

  3. After 20 minutes, remove the etching agent and wash with water --- completely dry with a dry cloth or tissue.

  4. After applying the coating agent, pour out the remaining coating agent --- completely dried (1 hour of natural drying, 10 minutes of heat drying)

  5. After injecting the clear liquid, add a ferrofluid.

Making a kit without any specialized equipment.

30ml test.jpg

Click on the picture or link to go to the YouTube channel.

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